Paddington Hardware stocks a large range of Multitools, Pocket Knifes and Torches

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  1. Led Lenser SEO3 Green
    Led Lenser SEO3 Green
  2. Led Lenser P7
    Led Lenser P7
  3. Leatherman Wingman
    Leatherman Wingman
  4. Led Lenser P14
    Led Lenser P14
  5. Led Lenser P3R
    Led Lenser P3R
  6. Diamond Sharpener Swiss Istor
    Diamond Sharpener Swiss Istor
  7. Leatherman Leap Blue
    Leatherman Leap Blue
  8. Leatherman Z-Rex
    Leatherman Z-Rex
  9. Led Lenser P6
    Led Lenser P6
  10. Sharpener Swiss Istor Duplex
    Sharpener Swiss Istor Duplex
  11. Puretec CR20 Caravan RV Water Inline Filtert
    Puretec CR20 Caravan RV Water Inline Filtert
  12. Leatherman Sidekick
    Leatherman Sidekick
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