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Welcome To The Paint Department!

Create, Renew, Restore, & Revitalise!


Quality Paint Budget Economy Bunnings Masters Valspar


Paddington Hardware is a proud member of the Paint Right Group - this gives us the buying power and expertise of over 55 stores Australia wide.



Computer Colour Match Sample Spectro Spectrometer

Did You Know...

Paddington Hardware can match a colour from something as simple as a small chip of paint? We use a device called a 'Spectrometer' to make the match (but don't be fooled, not anyone can operate one of these nifty devices, it takes years of skill and experience to be able to make the perfect match!) All we need is good clean sample about the size of a fifty cent piece, and our skilled team can get to work!

Did You Also Know... We can mix colours from a huge variety of other leading paint brands old or new - so if your favourite colour is from a competitor, don't let that stop you from getting the service you deserve at Paddington Hardware!


Haymes Colour Expressions Paint Low Sheen Gloss Semi Dulux Bristol Bunnings Masters Mitre10 True Value Haymes Colour Cards Download Samples Brochures Range Expressions


Litre Volume Amount Calculator Square Metre Sqm Paint Haymes Bunnings Masters Mitre10 Bristol

Colour Expressions Online Download Brochures How Much Paint Do You Require?


Some Of Our Brands...

Soudal Caulking Silicone Mastic Sealant Bathroom Kitchen Roof Gutter Colour

Cadots Woodcare Decking Oil Stain Varnish

Intergrain Woodcare Decking Oil Stain Varnish DWD Dimension Furniture

Sikkens Woodcare Oil Decking Furniture Stain Varnish

Sika Caulking Mastic Sealant Silicone Polyurethane Wet seal Adhesive

Unipro Uni Pro Paint Brush Roller Frame Pole Drop sheet Stirrer




Our expert team has many years of experience and knowledge to help you make the right choice in which products to use on different surfaces. We give you the old fashioned personal service.

We stock interior, exterior, oils & varnish, everything you will need for your next project.

There is also a large range of Silicones, Glues, Fillers, Methylated Spirits, Thinners & Turps

Suppliers include Haymes Paint, Cabots, Intergrain, Fuller, Selleys, sikkens and Sika plus many more.

We have all the equipment you will need including brushes and rollers etc.

Check out Haymes website for more tips and ideas

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